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About Us

At Quite Quirkky we find the cutest, coolest and craziest products for your home and lifestyle.

Our range of Clocks and Hangers will make your home stand out from the crowd. If you are Quite Quirkky then why not show it!

In the words of Quite Quirkky founder Yen:

"I love to travel and I often stumble across products while I'm on my adventures. I find that travelling is a great way to explore new ideas and experience different cultures - and this is really the inspiration behind Quite Quirkky.

I've always enjoyed crafts, starting with quilling while I was in school. This led to a great affection for papers, textures, and designs. Cards have always held a fascination for me as they are simple yet meaningful. Pop-up cards came to my life when I first saw them at a stranger’s house while travelling. I was so fascinated by them and from that day onwards I never stopped researching how they were made, how they popped-out from the card, the cutting process, the techniques behind the cutting and anything else I could learn.

We strive to be unique and I hope that you'll enjoy our products."

Our store really is Quite Quirkky!